My new cartoon on X-Play tonight!

2009-01-30 15:35:19 by gel

I made another episode of the Metroid parody for G4. They call it machinima, but it's just a parody done in 8-bit fashion. I animated and did the sound fx. G4 wrote it, did the voices, and added the music loop.

This is the 3rd one I've done, so if you missed the first one, here it is: 48/Comedy_Metroid_Machinima.html

2nd one isn't very funny. 16/Comedy_More_Metroid_Machinima.html

Watch X-Play tonight for the new episode! Force yourself!

Bad news and good news!

2008-03-31 03:41:33 by gel

Anthem development is on hold. Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you have to make the hard decision to stop working on a game you're very passionate about to work on another game you are less passionate about, yet are just as excited about, but will help you make that game you are more passionate about better in the process. You know how that happens? And then other times you just need to make some money to feed either yourself, or help the other people working with you feed themselves and not get evicted for non-payment of rent by making a game that will make a decent amount of change so you can get back to work on the games you've wanted to make for a long time.

Whatever the case is, the games get your attention, you become passionate about them, you become excited and enthusiasm builds and a game that started out being made just to feed faces becomes a game you are proud of and want people to play.

I continue to make games!


2007-07-23 03:05:26 by gel

Anthem development blog. I'd say more but you can just read the blog. Anyone else making something to enter into IGF?